Renẹ’s Journal: Project Blue

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“If you dont take that first step, a path wont open up for you.”

wonder guy, Erased S1: E12

About Project Blue

Welcome to Project Blue! Formerly known as Balancing Opinions, this space is designed to be an open thought journal for curating ideas on a variety of themes and elements within social culture for discussion and critique. Project Blue is about personal development through intentional introspection. It’s about assessing the culture around us and recognising/understanding the ways in which we interact with society and vice versa. By delving into a study of human culture, we dive into our own minds. If you’re into social commentary, then you’re in the right place.

This space is also home to my personal interests, so be prepared for the odd product review, random rants about TV series and possibly even a DIY project here and there. Oh and there’s also my plants… My growing army collection of plants maybe featured from time to time…

Well, that’s all for now – it will make more sense as you read on 🙂