It’s good to be back

So… Hi I’m Renẹ (it’s a Benin name, so its pronounced ‘Ré-nè’)

After however long I’m back with a new(-ish) site, there’s still bits and pieces of it that I’m still working on, but it’s mostly done at this point.

Originally Balancing Opinions, it is now Renẹ’s Journal: Project Blue. I wanted to add a bit more of a personal touch, and I felt like the old site name was a little too specific. I also felt that ‘Project Blue’ encompasses the overall theme of my blog better because it allows space for the random thought posts, while keeping personal development and cultural commentary in the centre. It also most importantly allows space for the project to develop and evolve, as we all do😊

In addition to my regular posts I’ve had a few other recent developments that you can hope to see in future blog posts soon – they may interest you:

I recently left my old job (yep, in the middle of a pandemic) – a step I believe was needed to protect both my career and my mental health.

I am also in the process of a home renovation for my bathroom – it’s a bit more extensive than a DIY and its gone relatively smoothly so far, likely because I learned from the mistakes of the previous renovation of our kitchen last year

So keep an eye out for these soon!

Renẹ x


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Thought librarian | Commentary on culture and personal development | Quietly Dramatic

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