Whew – This will probably be reallyyy quick

While i’ve been away for what feels like a long damn time to me, I can’t exactly say I’ve been taking a break…

Long story short, I started my new role almost a year ago and while I absolutely love it here, I am still yet to create a good work-life balance that is workable in the long term. Work is engaging, the projects are interesting, I feel like I’ve got a great manager and I’m getting good professional and personal development through challenging work (the good kind of challenging). Aside from not having as many women in my team as I would like (I’m the only one lol), I feel like i’m forming good relationships with the women in other departments so I don’t feel as isolated.

It’s a vibe. And it’s a good one. Too good… I’m spending too much time at work.

I am at stage in my current project where everything feels time sensitive as it gains more visibility across the business. Being my first major project, I obviously am trying to put my best on show, so i’m being extra conscientious so I don’t disgrace myself LOL. It means i’ve been working heavy overtime the last couple of months.

But today even my manager was asking if I ever plan on taking time off because he’s noticed that i’ve ‘barely had any’. so yeah…. that bad.

I think when I get my project to the next stage – which hopefully should require less input from me – then I will probably take a nice break, a week off at least. It’s possible that I am already burning out but just don’t feel it yet, because I am enjoying my job too much, but I will do something about it before it gets too deep to get out of, promise x

But I have barely had any time to write even though I do have a couple of experiences I would love to write about. So much is happening not just with me, but everywhere. I just haven’t had much non-fatigued creative thinking time outside work.

I know I will get there, I just had to get this off my chest first…

I have really missed reading some of your blogs ❤

Renẹ x


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