Nigerian immigrant parents: Resilience

There is a saying, your story begins with those who came before you…

Black is king, but the green dollar is God

A little more than a year after an aesthetically pleasing, empowering, and moving film, arresting us with the ancestral glory and depths of various continental Afrikan beliefs and cultures was released on the streaming platform owned by the rat corporation, I mean Disney+, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z made their appearance in Tiffany’s flashy ABOUT LOVE campaignContinue reading “Black is king, but the green dollar is God”

Africa Magic’s Riona: Tsato has low self esteem

Tsato is an insecure, entitled bully who met his downfall because his insecurities were so severe that they prevented him from minding his own business, even though doing so would have cost him nothing at all.

Has the pandemic made you question your career choices too?

The amount of time work takes from you is wildly downplayed. Nine to five may only be eight hours, but when you add the hours that you lose while commuting and preparing for work, that easily turns what should be a 40-hour work week into a 55 hour one…